Small Curling Clubs Alliance



The Small Clubs Curling Alliance was initiated In 1999 with league matches beginning in the 2000 - 2001 season to enable Curling Clubs with limited active playing members to maintain their identity whilst continuing to play.

A number of Curling Clubs playing at Stirling were experiencing reduced numbers of active curling members making is challenging to keep the clubs viable. Clearly drastic action was required.  

The curling clubs which initially formed "The Small Clubs" were Bonnybridge Curling Club, Larbert Curling Club, Dunblane Curling Club and Laurieston & Zetland Curling Club. All of these were old established clubs which had fallen on hard times in terms of membership but wished to retain their individual identities. Thus the SCCA was born and league matches began in the Season 2000 - 2001.

Grangemouth Curling Club joined in 2006 and Falkirk Curling Club in 2014.   

Matches are played at The Peak, Stirling, on a league format by mixed (male and female) teams representing all the 6 clubs. The curling is played in a friendly but competitive spirit and many friendships have been formed over our 13 years of life. Each club decides on who will play on any match night.

We have a handsome trophy which is presented annually at a closing bonspiel usually at the end of March. 


We would welcome participation from other clubs which are in a similar precarious position to ourselves and our SCCA colleagues & anyone interested in taking part in the sport of curling. Please use the contact forms to contact SCCA or the club of your choice.